It’s the little things

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to ride my bicycle.  As far back as I can remember, bicycling has been a part of my life.  It represents freedom to me and has proven to be a great form of exercise and stress reliever.  I particularly love riding on paved bike trails through through the woods or along a river where I am alone with God.  It is a simple pleasure where the world makes sense.  It is a stark contrast to the congestion and noise of Port au Prince, a place I choose not to ride a bicycle.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.  – Isaiah 40-18

This past Tuesday my heart and mind were consumed with the situation in Port au Prince, including the disregard for human rights that people live with on a daily basis.  There are many things that are difficult, if not impossible, to explain about life in a developing country to someone who has never visited a developing country.  Instead of just going for an ordinary bike ride, that evening I did a crazy thing.  I took my road bike on a mountain bike trail!  As I pedaled through the winding dirt trail, God gave me metaphorical correlations between life in the United States and life in Haiti.

Life in the United States is like riding a Trek road bike on freshly paved asphalt.  The ride is smooth, refreshing and easy; it takes no time at all to go a few miles and the breeze from your speed is cool, making the ride all the more comfortable.  There are few, if any, obstacles along the way.  If an obstacle presents itself, you make a minor adjustment and continue on your way.

Life in Haiti can be much like riding that Trek on a dirt trail through the forest.  At times the path is wide and smooth, you go along fine but at a much slower pace than if on asphalt.  At times it is narrow and bumpy.  The scenery is still beautiful but the road has many twists and turns.  Sometimes you find sand patches that catch you off guard and make the ride precarious.  Then there are the times when huge trees cover the path; you have to dismount and find a completely new route to get back on the path while dealing with mosquitoes, cockleburs and thistles.  At the end of the trail, you realize you’ve worked hard but the distance traveled was less than you might have expected.

Both scenarios are good; they are just different.  One is adventurous and challenging while the other has its own challenges but is more comfortable.  In each scenario, there is a path to follow.  For Christians, that path is to follow Jesus, give glory to God and to benefit others.

God has worked it out that I will be in Iowa until the end of October and I would love the opportunity to increase awareness of our work in Haiti while I am here.  If you are willing to open your home and invite your friends or have me over to your small group or Sunday school class, it would give me an opportunity to share about the work in Haiti.  Additionally, if you know of any groups, organizations or churches, please let me know and we can get it on the calendar during these next few weeks.  Finally, if you have any interest in visiting us in Haiti, let me know!  I would LOVE the opportunity to let as many people as possible be involved with growing God’s kingdom in Haiti.  You can simply reply to this email or call me at 515-229-8698.

Here are a few other updates:

Be The Change Haiti – is an outreach to approximately 100 children currently living on the streets of Port au Prince. Our former street kids share their personal stories and how following Jesus changed their lives.  Ten of those children meet for classroom training to learn how to read and write.  We are working to implement a sponsorship program soon.

Canaan Kids – is an outreach to orphans on the outskirts of Port au Prince in an area called Canaan.  These orphans weigh heavy on the heart of Max Emile.  His employer, HandUp Global Goods, has put together an excellent video featuring Max and his desire to help.  The video can be found at:

Construction – we are currently trying to renegotiate with the builder regarding the cost and completion of the house.  It is not finished and our lease on the apartment expires soon.  We are also searching for an apartment to rent for another year and praying the house will be finished within that time frame.

Monthly Faith-Goal – prior to moving to Haiti, my research showed that I would need a budget of $22,000 a year to live there.  Please consider becoming one of my personal monthly sponsors to help me stay in Haiti.  If you give online, there is an option for setting up an automatic, monthly gifts.  Your prayerful consideration would be greatly appreciated!  Any amount will help, but I am specifically trusting God to raise up a Team of monthly sponsors to help me reach my faith-goal of $1,800 per month.

NewGeneration English School – the September session has started.  This is a year long class taught on a weekly basis (mostly) by Haitian teachers who teach English as their full time profession.  The school is open to the public for anyone wanting to learn English.  It is frequented by Americans who assist the students in conversational English skills.

Please pray for us and pray for how God wants you to be involved. Whether He is calling you to serve financially, prayerfully or in some other way, please listen to that call and respond accordingly.  If you prefer to designate your gifts, you can indicate that when you give — “CONSTRUCTION” for home construction; “BE THE CHANGE HAITI” for the outreach with current street kids; “CANAAN KIDS” for the outreach to orphans in Canaan, Haiti, etc.  If no designation is made, your donation will go toward my monthly goal.  Remember, your financial support is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  Please choose to help in the way that works best for you.

Matthew 25:40 – “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

(Search for “Martin, Linda – Haiti” and follow the prompts.  You can also set-up
automatic monthly gifts if you select the “monthly” option.)

2.  MAIL CHECKS TO –                                  
World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box B
Marietta, GA  30061
(designate for Linda Martin #564)

3.  BILL PAY – via your online banking
World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
(designate for Linda Martin #564)
P.O. Box B
Marietta, GA 30061

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