Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Several years ago I sat on the steps of Zanfan (the orphanage the boys lived at after they lived on the streets) visiting with a young man about his dreams.  He did not live at the orphanage but he was a friend of the boys. He had a dream of becoming an architect.  He wanted to design houses that would withstand natural disasters, including earthquakes.  As the years passed, he pursued that dream and the boys chose him to design the house we are currently building.

It has been an incredible adventure to watch them work together, discussing what is needed and wanted in a house. They are the ones talking and negotiating with the contractors.  This will be the house two of the boys will most likely live in for the rest of their lives, as most people in Haiti rarely travel outside the zone they live in.  They have saved and continue to work very hard to realize this dream they have had for years.  It is very important to all of the boys that they never find themselves living on the streets again.  Many of the other boys, if not all of them, have been to the site, helping with the clean up and construction.  So in addition to it ultimately becoming a “traditional” family home for two men who are closer than brothers, it quite possibly will be a temporary home for some of the other boys as they work and save to purchase their own place.  The goal is to complete the house by September 2017 and we will need your help to accomplish this.  Last year cement prices were at $3 US per bag; this year it is close to $6 US per bag.  We are projecting that we will need an additional $30,000 US to complete the house and are open discussing any ideas you may have, whether it be in the form of donations (see bottom of article for how you can donate) or low-to-no interest loans (email me at contact@lindamartinakamama.com.)

Here, the builder and the electrician are talking.  The foundation has been laid and the walls are starting to go up.  Since it is an “open air” house made of concrete and iron, it is necessary for the electrical wires to be run through the walls as the walls are being built.

Our other goals for this year are to sustain and improve the businesses that the boys have started here in Port au Prince while they continue to pursue their education.  Some of those businesses are designed to help the orphans in Canaan (Kanaran in Creole), which weigh heavily on the hearts of some of the boys, particularly Max.  The primary goal there is to make sure the children have enough food to survive and then to get them into school.  There are 16 orphans; tuition and books for 2 of the children have been paid… and their uniforms were made by one of the boys.  That is exciting news to me!  All of the boys know how important education is to giving people hope for a brighter future, especially in Haiti, and God has given Max a big vision to help these people of Canaan.  (See photo collage.  All children not pictured.)

If you’d like additional information on how to help or sponsor a child, please email me at contact@lindamartinakamama.com

As I close, thank you for all you have done to help with this mission God has us on. Please continue to pray for us and to pray for how God wants you to be involved.  If that involvement is financial, your gifts, whether one-time or monthly recurring, are not currently tax deductible but can be made through my member church, either online or through the mail.

  1. Online – go to http://www.ashworthroad.com/donate.aspx
    1. Be sure and select “Other” and input purpose as “Linda Martin”
    2. When donating online, remember there is a 3% fee for credit card processing. (It is less than 2% if you use your bank account).
  2. Mail – Address is ARBC, 5300 Ashworth Rd, West Des Moines, IA  50266.
    1. Be sure and write “Linda Martin” in the memo line of your check.

Whether He is calling you to serve financially, prayerfully or in some other way, please listen to that call and respond accordingly.  These young people are the next generation of leaders and business people in Haiti. 


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