Expect the Unexpected

Today is an unusually dreary day in Port au Prince.  Instead of the typically bright, sunny sky it has been gray all day with periodic drizzles.  This morning, just before getting up for the day, I snuggled under my blanket because I was cold.   Reaching for my phone, I saw the temperature outside was 70 degrees!  I used to think it was too cold to swim in temperatures below 70 degrees.  Who would have thought that  70 degrees would actually feel cold?

Several months ago I met a young boy of about 12 years old walking the streets.  He was pleasant and we started up a conversation.  For some reason, I did what I don’t normally do.  I gave him my phone number.  Later I received a WhatsApp message from a missionary working in his rural community, which is quite a distance from here.  We chatted for a while and I haven’t thought much about that conversation until recently.

A friend of my parents (who have been deceased for many years) read about the orphans we are working to feed and educate in Canaan.  She has a friend who is a missionary here in Haiti and put me in contact with her.  I visited with her friend on the phone yesterday.  She was very helpful and informative, giving me various contacts which might be able to help us.  To make  a long story short, she works for the same organization that helps the family of that young boy I met many months ago!  What is even more impressive, to me, about this and attests to God being in control of all things, is that there are only five missionaries in Haiti with this organization.  God orchestrated it through an unexpected chain of events to connect us in a land filled with of millions of people!  I don’t know where this will lead or if this is the end of the story but God continues to amaze me in how He orchestrates things for His glory.

There are no typical days here.  Haiti is teaching me to expect the unexpected and to become comfortable with not being in control of things.  Of course, we set goals and make plans but must be willing to change the plans as needed in order to reach the goal.  An excellent physical example of that it simply going to the grocery store.  The goal is to get to the grocery store.  The plan may be to take a tap tap but perhaps there are no tap taps available or the traffic is too congested for a tap tap to go any faster than to inch along, so you decide to walk instead.  As you walk, there are many obstacles along the way, people walking in your path, cars driving on the sidewalk or even huge piles of garbage to maneuver around.  The goal does not change but how and when you get there may change.  You simply move forward to the goal and sometimes an unexpected, pleasant surprise happens.  For instance, a friend on a motorcycle may offer you a ride.  Sometimes you may have to decide to go on another day instead but ultimately you reach your goal.

Last year I told you how God called me to relocate to Haiti (for an undetermined amount of time) to help empower a group of young people who aged out of an orphanage on a day-to-day basis with the talents and skills He has equipped me with:

  1. Life skills to allow them to be successful, productive adults in Haiti
  2. Education
  3. Spiritual development and discipleship

God has blessed this ministry greatly and we have accomplished much.  Most of the boys are working, either for someone else or for themselves or a combination of both.  Some have been able to employ others.  They are building for their future.  They are reaching out in their community and helping to make the lives of others better.   As a friend of mine (and now theirs) recently said, “They are truly 21st century disciples of Jesus.”

The goals stay the same and this next year we will continue focusing on their education, assisting with business development, praying for and responding to the needs of the orphans God has placed on their hearts.

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