Walk of Obedience and Faith

We remember the time very well.  I had come to Haiti to visit the boys.  They had told me they would come at 7am to the guest house I was staying at to visit with me.  Not knowing that in Haiti, 7 am means any time during the hour of 7, I decided to walk over to their apartment at 7:15.  As I was walking down the narrow corridor to their apartment, Max was the first of the boys I saw.  He gave me a huge smile and a big hug then looked behind me to see who may have walked with me.  The look of surprise, acceptance and admiration he gave when he realized I had come alone to see them will forever be burned in my memory.

God did some further bonding between the boys and me during the days of that trip to Haiti.  The times were sacred as we talked together in their sultry apartment, sometimes in almost darkness because you just never know when the power will be on or off in Port au Prince.  It still amazes me how we were able to communicate so effectively with them speaking Creole and me speaking English.  But the common language was Love, God’s love.

We don’t always know what God has planned when He calls us to follow Him but life has taught me that He does expect us to trust and obey Him.

Last night Max was at my house sharing with me again about the call God has put on his heart.  There are over a dozen children in Canaan, an area on the outskirts of Port au Prince, who weigh heavily on his heart.  Max gave me permission to write about this in hopes that God will use you to help him in some way.

These children go days without eating, oftentimes three days without eating.  They live with extended family because their parents are no longer around.  The adults they live with cannot find work and they have no money to buy food.

Max brings money for food.  The money he has is very little.  He saves everything he can and shared with me that he chooses to eat at my house so he doesn’t have to buy food for himself.  That money can go for the children.  On Monday he will bring 1000 gourdes to Canaan so food can be purchased for them to eat.  A bag of rice costs 1100 gourdes though.  As we talked, it seemed to me that Max felt the same way the disciples must have felt when Jesus told them to feed the 5000 men (plus women and children) with only a small amount of food given to them by a little boy.

Max and I talked about that.  We discussed God providing for what He wants done, even when we don’t know how He wants to use us.  We touched on God being God and we are not.  He does expect us to walk in obedience and faith.  We talked about how God can multiply offerings given in faith and how He could do it Himself but asks us to share in the work that He wants done.  We even talked about how feeding someone for a day is sometimes necessary but they will still be hungry tomorrow if things don’t change for them.

We don’t know what the answer is for these children.  Many times people think an orphanage is the answer to the problem but Max knows it is not the answer.  The best place for children is in a home with people who love them and respect them and protect them.  The adults in that family need support too.  They need a job so they can provide financially for their family and retain, or perhaps regain, their dignity.  And in the meantime, they all need to eat to survive.

Max is walking in obedience and faith.  His choice to eat a free meal in order to save money to purchase food for these children is inspirational.  It may not seem like much but Max lives on less than $35 (US) a week.  When I think about my life prior to Haiti, I had no idea how much impact the resources God had entrusted me with, could have made in these people’s lives, especially when it goes directly to the people needing it.

Relief is needed but development needs to begin too.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on how Max can best help these children and their families for years to come, please let us know by replying or sending me an email to lindamartinakamama@gmail.com.

If God leads you to financially assist Max in feeding these sixteen children in the meantime, there are a few options for you:

  1. Email me at lindamartinakamama@gmail.com for more information
  2. Your one time or recurring gift can be sent online at http://www.ashworthroad.com/donate.aspx   You will want to put “Max – Haiti” in the comments/additional information section.
  3. You can send a check to Ashworth Road Baptist Church, 5300 Ashworth Rd, West Des Moines, IA  50265.  Be sure to put “Max – Haiti” on the memo line.

As always, I thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support.  Only God can do everything alone and He chooses to use His people, working together.

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