Fudge Brownies

Today I made homemade fudge brownies.  As I was making the brownies, I was reminded of how brownies are a representation of life for me.  The ingredients are like our experiences; alone they may not be anything special.  Some may even seem bad.  But when they are all put together, under the guidance of a loving God, they become something very delightful.

For instance, the first ingredient is butter.  It is greasy, slippery and has a flavor of its own.  We start out life kind of like that… slippery and with our own distinct personalities.  The low heat causes the butter to change shape as guidance and instruction causes us to change into better people than we would be without the guidance and instruction.

Cocoa is very bitter all by itself.  It made me think of the bitter things in life… heartaches, pain, disappointments, etc.  When sugar was added, the cocoa was still there but it was transformed into something different.  To me, sugar represents Love and the sweet things in life.  Smiles. Hugs.  Kind words.  Encouragement.  Prayers.  Time together.  Pleasant memories.  Joy.  Adventures.  Faith.

When adding vanilla I thought of how ironic it is to add vanilla, which is usually thought of as plain or simple.  Is it?

Then came the eggs.  As I broke each one I thought about the things in life that were broken… lost innocence, broken bones, broken relationships, broken world.  Yet somehow each of these eggs, or experiences, ties everything together.  I recalled my Home Economics teacher explaining how when eggs are called for in a recipe, it is to hold all the ingredients together.  I also thought of the eggs as new life.  Children.  Grandchildren.  The risen Christ.

It would not be brownies without flour and all its dryness and blandness. How is it that the dry and bland times of our life are such an important part of the finished product?  Oh, and yes, the heat of the furnace.  No one likes the trials of life as we are going through them but the ingredients would not become brownies without the heat.

Once out of the oven and cooled, we have a favorite treat.  I think life is like that too… sometimes we just need to step back to gain a better perspective of what a great blessing it is to be alive.

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