Being here in Haiti requires much strength. I am so glad God has prepared me my entire life for this particular journey and so thankful for all of your prayers. They impact more than you know!

When I was first asked to travel to Haiti about 5 years ago, I refused to go. My refusal stemmed mostly from fear… fear of my perceptions of what Haiti would be like and my fear of a memory of an experience I had when I was about 15 years old. My paternal grandmother practiced white magic and voodoo. When my grandfather (her husband) died, our family went to live with her for a couple of years. During this time she held seances, conjured spirits and levitated the dining room table. I was alone in my room one night when a pair of red, evil eyes appeared in an upper corner of my room. The eyes were alive; I could feel the evil and was paralyzed to move.

For years afterwards, I tried to believe it was an hallucination or a bad dream but I KNEW it was real. I had not seen these eyes again until October 6, 2015. Lyle and I were sitting on the rooftop of our house in Port au Prince, admiring the beauty of the evening skyline, covered with twinkling white lights from the homes built on the mountainside. All of a sudden, the two red eyes appeared in the distance from the mountain-top. Yet this time I was not paralyzed by fear! I stared right back at those eyes and prayed with the certainty that God is in control and although evil may put up a good fight, I now know that God has already won the war. Lyle did not see the eyes until the next night and ironically, I did not see them when he saw them.

No trip to Haiti has ever been easy for me, as each is full of spiritual warfare. This trip has been especially wrought with daggers from the evil one in an attempt to discourage and destroy. While the challenges do exist, what they really do is assure us that we are right where we need to be.

There are 12 boys (aged 18-23) who eat at my house each day. Some of them stop by for lunch too. I am excited that we have been able to get two of them back in school…there is no free school in Haiti. Since these boys grew up on the streets of Port au Prince, they are behind in education. The two we got enrolled the other day are in the 7th and 9th grade. We also were able to get one boy to the dentist…he had a severe toothache and ended up getting the tooth pulled. We will be enrolling a 20 year old in driving school so that he can get his driver’s license and earn a wage. A 23 year old just left my house to go and get his driver’s license renewed so he can earn a wage. In addition to that, so far we have been able to provide two school uniforms and seven pair of shoes that were desperately needed. And who knows what other spiritual lessons have been learned along the way? A few days ago we rescued a frightened, starving kitten from the city sewer. At first I did not think it would survive but we cleaned it up and the neighbor kids have enjoyed helping nurse it along back to health.

I tell you these things so you get a picture of Truth and get to see how big a work God is doing here. Each and every one of you, with your prayers, encouragement and financial/material support are a vital part of this big plan. Each time I open my Bible, I am reminded that God always sends us to share His love with others yet He is always with us. He is the One to be glorified and all He requires is faith and obedience from us to Him. What is God saying to you today?

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