From Vision to Reality through Planning

Just over five years ago, these young people were scared and alone, living on the streets of Port Au Prince, Haiti.  God empowered a couple to form a non-profit called Grangou, which started an orphanage called Zanfan Lakay.  During my first visit to Haiti, I was blessed with an impromptu singing performance from these boys and we were fortunate enough to capture it on video:

First Time

Last month was their four year anniversary of singing praises to the Lord together and they wanted to do something special.  Earlier in the year they told me they wanted to celebrate the group’s birthday.  They wanted to sing together at their church but this time they wanted to have uniforms and new shoes.  They wanted to cook a meal for attendees.  And, of course, they wanted cake!

After researching what the shirts, pants, shoes and food would cost, they decided on an amount they would spend that was within their budget.  They had worked together to save the needed money and they confidently, little by little, purchased what they needed in anticipation of the coming celebration.

Here are Reginald, Tiblanc and Mackenson on the morning of July 19, 2015 outside of their apartment, just as they were heading to church:

Trio dressed

One of the founders of Grangou was in attendance as they gave a stunning performance, praying and singing song after song.  What a proud moment is was for everyone:

The Big Day

Afterwards, folks were invited to their apartment where a home-cooked meal was served.  And yes, there was cake!

Dinner 4 Group cake

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